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When I quickly restarted Sleeping Dogs the autosave still had the name Big Smile Lee (that's the name of the very last mission FYI, same name as my manual save after completing the game). When I looked at the time it autosaved it was only 2 min. earlier (from when I failed the mission by walking away) I loaded the autosave & Poof! New game +.

Where is Sleeping Dogs save game location on Windows 7 ? ... then there found the HK Autosave Slot file ... it is located in C/Program files/x64/sleeping dogs ... Sleeping Dogs vs Real Hong Kong: a Quasi-Local’s comparison Sleeping Dogs vs Real Hong Kong: a Quasi-Local’s comparison December 16, 2016 October 15, 2017 Felix W 15 Comments entertainment Despite its rough edges and a cringey mix of English and Cantonese dialogue, Sleeping Dogs has earned a place in many gamers’ hearts for being one of the few games set in Hong Kong. Sleeping Dogs More Save Slots -

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I bought Sleeping Dogs 72 hours after moving to Hong Kong, thinking I'd explore the city digitally at the same time as encountering it with my own eyes. It didn't happen the way I planned. Real ... The Autosave Slot Already Contains - The replication slot must be inactive, i.e. no active connections. the autosave slot already contains So if there's a streaming replica using the slot you must stop the streaming 1 Feb 2017 .. Feb 1, 2017 @ 7:55am. Digimon Storage? If I have all the 3 slots already full, and want to free these slots without deleting my digimons. Sleeping Dogs não salva - GameVicio

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Apr 14, 2019 · Here I bring you the Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition 100% Complete Save Set. With this Save Set, you can achieve 100% trophies for all three regions of this game. I hope you enjoy it. Sleeping Dogs saved game ~ FunHollyBlog Sep 24, 2012 · saved games for sleeping dogs game extract the files till you find files named "hk autosave" which are the saved game files, till buried alive holds saved game till the buried alive episode which is almost 90 percent of the game or use the other one which has saved game slots … Sleeping Dogs For PC - Page 29 | KASKUS kalo gak salah di program file > Sleeping dogs > Data. disana ada file yang nama depanya HK , ada HK Autosave slot , HK options, dan file lainnya yang ada file nama HK di depanya. ane belum pernah coba, tap pernah liat di page kebelakang dan dikamar tetangga begitu katanya. Sleeping Dogs não salva - GameVicio Sep 14, 2012 · Re: Sleeping Dogs não salva Tue, 18 Sep 2012 15:47:01 -0300 [onlytext] O save game desse jogo fica em C:UsersSEU USUÁRIOAppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram …

This means that you can load your autosaved game manually from slot 1 with the load game option. If this doesn't work at all that means your save data is corrupted. Whoops! No fix for that. Edit: If that worked, but autosave continues not to, then it's likely a script issue because of an incorrect or corrupted c++ library. In the sleeping dogs ...

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