Blackjack odds hitting on 16

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Hit or Stand: The Hard 16 Dilemma in Blackjack

Blackjack School: How to Play a Hard 16? - 888 Casino In this article you will learn how to play a hard 16 when you play blackjack. A hard 16 is a blackjack hand that contains either no Aces, or if an Ace is present, it counts as one. Blackjack players: Do you hit a three-card 16? - Las Vegas ... Question for my TA friends who play in Las Vegas: Do you "hit" your three card 16's 7 through Ace?Advanced Basic Strategy has the "Rule 4-5." This rule is to STAND on a three card 16 if one of your cards is a 4 or 5. The cost of blackjack decisions - Casino City Times When we play casino blackjack we are always trying to improve our odds and ultimately win more hands from the casinos. To help us better understand "the odds," Edwin Silberstang, the author of "Playboy's Guide To Casino Gambling, Volume Two, Blackjack," explains the science of odds in blackjack as "gains and losses" to the player.

Hit or stay on 16 - Blackjack and Card Counting Forums

If you like Blackjack, then you will love playing Blackjack online. Great features and bonuses! Read for some online blackjack strategy too! Want to Get a Blackjack? Check Odds to Help Win the Table Playing blackjack are always in favor of the house. However, there are blackjack odds that help you turn the winning chances on your side.

Here is a video of Mike Shackleford and Angela Wyman who will teach you all about the basic blackjack strategies that will work in any given situation.

Hitting a 17 gives you a 69 percent chance to bust, a 16, 62 percent, a 15, 58 percent, a 14, 56 percent and a 13, 39 percent. Blackjack Odds - Online Blackjack For Real Money In contrast experienced blackjack player who counts blackjack odds would likely stand with his 12 hoping that it will be enough to win. Blackjack - FAQ - Wizard of Odds

Blackjack Odds - Casino Advantage Calculator. There is a problem with all Blackjack advantage calculators (prior to this one). They're inaccurate. They provide what is called top of the deck basic strategy advantage.

If you want to be successful at blackjack then it is incredibly important to understand odds and probabilities in the game. You need to understand your odds of busting or winning in any situation, depending on the hand you are dealt. First things first-understand your odds of busting in any situation if you hit. Hard 16 vs. 10: The Weird Hit or Stand Quandry - Blackjack ... For hard 16 vs a 10, we're given a Weird rule: "Hit a two card hard 16, but Stand a three card hard 16." Hmmm, Ok, so we're supposed to Hit a hard 16 into 10 when our hand's made up of only two cards (10-6 or 9-7 only; 8-8's a split), but Stand a hard 16 into 10 when our hand's made up of 3 or more cards (say, 7-6-3, or whatever). When to Hit and When to Stand in Blackjack